Care for your Roland



By investing in a Roland device you’ve bought the best. Now keep it running at its best with our maintenance kits.


Cutter Self-Maintenance Kits

If you are the happy owner of a Roland vinyl cutter, you can keep Roland vinyl cutter cutting like new with our Cutter Self-Maintenance Kits. The kits contain a range of parts and simple-to-follow instructions for you to maintain your Roland cutter at any time of need to ensure premium performance year after year.

Self-maintenance kits are available for our CAMM-1/ CAMM-1 PRO GX, GR and GS range of cutters. The kit includes:

  • Cutter pad
  • Blade holder
  • Pinch roller (M)
  • Pinch roller (LR)
  • Sheet cutter blade set
  • E-ring holder*

*not included in GR Series kits



Printer Maintenance Kits 

Our printer maintenance kits is the short cut to prolong the life of your Roland device. The printer maintenance kits allow the service technicians from your Roland Authorised Dealer of choice to perform routine maintenance checks to make sure your device is clean and up to speed with the latest firmware updates so you can keep delivering the best possible output to your customers.   

Regular service checks of your device are mandatory to keep the warranty of your Roland device.



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