• Cases 1

    Hiroshi Yasutomi

    I produced an active speaker prototype using the monoFab machines. I used the ARM-10 3D printer to produce the external parts, since these shapes are complex. I used the SRM-20 milling machine to model the cabinet where milling precision as well as selecting the suitable material was required. In this way, I made the most of the respective strengths of the 3D printer and the milling machine.

  • MOBILCOVERS.DK - new possibilities with the Roland VersaUV LEF-20

    Even though the Danish mobile phone accessory company MOBILCOVERS.DK has only existed for a year , they are already a huge success. Now the newly purchased Roland VersaUV LEF-20 will help them start a completely new chapter!

  • Cases 2

    XpertTryk - instantaneous success with the help of Roland DG

    Even though the Danish printing company XpertTryk was only established few months ago, they have already managed to establish a solid base of satisfied customers that are acting as ambassadors. This would not have been possible without the help of their two Roland printers the VersaUV LEF-20 and the BN-20 desktop printer and cutter, which have been a part of the company since day one.

  • Cases 3

    Morten Husum Nielsen - Oak Oak chair!

    Danish Design student Morten Husum Nielsen from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation has created the amazing children’s chair ‘Oak Oak’ using a Roland MDX-540 milling machine.

  • Roland XF 640 Front
    Cases 4

    Flaggfabriken raises a flag for Roland DG!

    Swedish Flag production company Flaggfabriken are doing dye sublimation on their Roland!

  • Cases 5

    FABLAB: Facilitating innovation with Roland DG

    A FABLAB (short for fabrication laboratory) is a creative, technological prototype workspace where entrepreneurs, companies or students can visit and use the technological machines to bring their ideas to life.The mobile FABLAB will facilitate a learning space for them to try out the Roland MDX-40A free of charge.

  • Flügge Dental

    The laboratory receives orders on permanent implants; crowns and bridges from the dentists and then they create them on one of their three Roland DWX-50 milling machines.

  • Cases 6

    Melcher Jewelry

    Melcher Jewelry has been using the Roland MDX-40A milling machine with a rotating axis since 2011. Claus Melcher, who is the owner and goldsmith of the business appreciates the functionalities of the machine beacuse it combines the functionality of a old-fashioned manual milling machine with the benefit of being controlled by a computer.